Rx Solutions from Our Experts

Trust Pharmacy’s motto is “high-quality prescription drugs don’t have to be expensive.” In some states skyrocketing prescription drug prices are becoming increasingly worrisome. In the US, brand-name medications are more expensive than anywhere in the world. In the pursuit of commercial gain, pharmaceutical companies know little measure in raising prices for branded, well-advertised drugs, some of which do not have easily accessible analogues within the country. On the other hand, generic drug manufacturers have lower profit ambitions and commonly bear no development and marketing costs.

A recent study has shown that even with generic counterpart available on the market, people often aren’t aware of the choice they have or simply prefer well-known brand medications over cheaper generic versions, the choice being based on the misconception that famous brands and high prices assure higher quality. For those who understand that saving on drugs doesn’t necessary mean difference in quality, buying generic drugs and importing medicines from abroad has long been the main way to solve the problem of rising drug prices. 

At our pharmacy, we offer a selection of popular, high quality medicines, with some of the best prices on the market. Our catalog includes prescription and OTC drugs from most of the major drug categories. By purchasing generic drugs online, it is possible to spend 80%–90% less compared to your neighborhood walk-in pharmacy. This makes generics a solution for the growing drug price problem and a smart choice for those intended to cut on their medication costs.