Instructions And Tips On Placing An Order For Discount Drugs Online

At Trust Pharmacy we offer stress-free online shopping with easy-to-use interface and intuitive checkout procedure.

This simple guide describes the ordering procedure step-by-step and will help those encountering problems in the process.

  1. Choose your items among hundreds of medications sorted by category/popularity. You can search drugs by name using the search bar in the upper left corner or alphabetical index on the right.
  2. Most items are available in different dosages. Before adding a product to your cart, make sure the dosage and quantity are chosen correctly. Click “Add to cart”. At this stage, you can continue shopping or proceed to checkout.
  3. After adding all the necessary items, review the order (your cart can be accessed from the upper right corner) and select the delivery method. Orders starting at $200 come with free airmail delivery.
  4. On the Checkout page, you can again modify the details such as quantity or shipping method, as well as remove any items from the order.
  5. At this stage, you can apply a discount coupon, if you have one (discount codes can be found on the website or inside our email newsletters).
  6. Fill in all the required fields in the billing/shipping information section. Enter your credit card details to complete the payment. Finally, you can set an automated email/phone reminder to refill your drug supply on time. Click “Submit”.

Within a short time, a confirmation letter will be sent to the specified email address. After receiving the letter, check the order details again. From now on, your order status is available through the website (to enter the Order status page, log in with Order ID and email). If any problem occurs, contact the customer support via one of the given channels.