Instructions And Tips On Placing An Order For Discount Drugs Online

At Trust Pharmacy we offer stress/hassle-free online shopping. Our designated page for placing the orders has a user-friendly interface and intuitive checkout procedure. Besides, we guarantee the safety and confidentiality of all your personal data including billing and address details. You may rest assured knowing the credentials are protected from hacking or unauthorized access. Do your shopping with no trouble.

For clients’ convenience, we created this helpful guide describing each step when ordering with us. If you face any problems with the procedure, feel free to let us know and we will guide you through the whole process.

  1. Enter the goods catalog, and choose your preferred item among hundreds of medications and products sorted by category/otc or RX option/popularity/price. Or, use our search bar located in the upper left corner. Also, you can use the alphabetical index on the right.
  2. Decide on the dosage. We offer their variety.
  3. Choose the required quantity. Note, we cannot dispense only one pill if it comes in a blister of five or ten pills.
  4. Add to cart. Then, you can continue shopping or proceed with a checkout step. Your items in the cart will be saved until you close the website. The cart can be easily accessed from the upper right corner.
  5. After finishing shopping, click on the cart and confirm you chose all the necessary products.
  6. Click to continue. Select the delivery option. Orders starting at $200 come with free airmail delivery. For orders below $200, we apply additional fees.
  7. Then you are redirected to the checkout page, where we encourage you to double-check all your indicated details.
  8. Proceed with payment. You can indicate a discount or coupon. If you do not have it, please subscribe to our mailout, and receive them regularly on your email.
  9. Indicate your billing/shipping data. Enter credit/debit card details.
  10. If needed, finalize the procedure by setting up a reminder to refill your drug supply on time.
  11. Submit your order.

Note, if you order a prescription drug, you must attach your prescription. Using any of our channels, you can send us the original. We will not proceed with submitting your order if you do not have this form. If you want to transfer a prescription or fill in it with us, please contact us before placing your order. Provide us with a few details, and we will do the rest. After confirming your doctor’s approval, it will be automatically added to the ordering page, and you can easily continue shopping or submitting payment.

After that, you will receive a confirmation letter to the mentioned email address. If you did not receive one, contact our customer support team. Usually, it happens when the website faces lots of orders, so a confirmation letter comes with a delay. Otherwise, you made a mistake in filling out the form.

Once you receive a letter, check the order details. Then, you can monitor the order status through the website. Enter the Order Status Page, input login and email. For those who require a tracking post number, we may offer such an option. The delivery usually takes a few days up to two weeks. For more information, turn to the Delivery/Shipping page.


Trust Pharmacy is a responsible party for distributing pharmaceutical care but we want people to be aware of some precautions.

  • Never order medications for someone else.
  • Consult a doctor before buying any medications.
  • Do not use websites that do not have designated pages for ordering or billing. If this process proceeds with an email, it may be a fraud and your data can be stolen.
  • Do not attach fake prescriptions, it is illegal and can lead to law enforcement.
  • Do not share your credentials through messengers. Again, there should be a dedicated page.
  • Make sure to receive a confirmation letter. It can be your legal document or evidence that can protect you in case of ordering with the fraudsters.
  • Unforeseen occasions such as a necessity to cancel the order should proceed as soon as possible. If we started shipping your parcel, it is no more eligible for cancellation.
  • If you indicated the wrong details, contact a customer support team.

If you still cannot cope with placing your order, we are more than happy to assist you.