The Amazing People Inspiring Us And Driving Our Mission

Our executive team is constituted by Trust Pharmacy Alliance members.

Trust Pharmacy Board Members

  • Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TP LLC
  • Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson is one of the founders of Trust Pharmacy who has served as Executive Chairman from 2014. He is also one of the trustees of Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA) and its Board Member. Mr. Wilson holds Pharm.D and MBA degree from Nova Southeastern University (NSU). Under his leadership, TP is developing an approach in pharma care to give patients affordable and easy accessible pharmaceutical services. Prior to assigning to the role of TP CEO, Mr. Wilson was a Board Member in The Florida Independent Pharmacy Network, where he was responsible for financial and business development. He is a member of APhA and The Florida Pharmacy Association.

Being a mastermind of Trust Pharmacy, Mr. Wilson declares its main purpose to serve patients and manage supplies of health plans supported by TP seamlessly and according to the highest quality standards. 

  • Executive Vice Chairman, Chief Financial Officer, and External Affair Officer, TP Alliance
  • Larry Bristow

Larry Bristow joined Trust Pharmacy in 2016 and has been working toward optimization of financial solutions to make them profitable for the company and cost-efficient for customers. He is Being a pharmacist by education, Mr. Bristow earned his Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Prior to his joining to TP Alliance, in 2013–2016, Mr. Bristow served for the US Charlotte branch of Tanner Pharma Group, a non-profit that helps to ease access to unlicensed lifesaving medicines to the patients in need in the markets with weak legal bases and slow licensing through various international programs. Earlier, Mr. Bristow served as an Executive Officer at Global Human Health, Merck & Co.

  • Non-executive Chairman, TP Treasurer
  • Mary Thompson

Miss Thompson has served as Treasurer since 2016. She is also responsible for the finances of non-profit Trust Pharmacy Inc. In 1998, she started her career as a Health Insurance Specialist at WellCare Health Plans. From 2005, she worked at Bureau for Global Health for U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), dealing with financing for international healthcare programs. In 2011, Miss Thompson joined the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance where she served as Financial Counselor and Board Member. She has a degree of Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and a Master’s Health Policy and Management degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. She speaks English, Spanish, and French and has extended experience in foreign relationships in the field of health care.