Integrity, Delivery, Ethics and Other Company’s Policies pays significant attention to the compliance of all our business actions with predefined policies, including privacy policy, customer protection rules, spam guidance, return policy, prescription details and a disclaimer. All the pharmacy employees are trained, competent and friendly. If you notice any differences with the items listed on this page, make sure you inform us via the contact form.

Privacy Policy

We appreciate your attention to our pharmacy Privacy Policy. The website, its associated domains, mobile app (if there appears one) are operated from Canada. The Privacy Policy applies to all the information users download or access from the abovementioned sources. Trust Pharmacy (hereinafter referred to as “us”, “we”, “our”, and “the Pharmacy”) on behalf of the XXXXX (legal name) respects the rights of customers and openly provides all the information about the collection, storage and use of customer data, including their accounts, purchased products and other personal details the website obtains due to the interaction with customers. If users access the website from locations outside the United States and Canada, they act at their own risk and are responsible for their actions according to the local legislation. This Privacy Policy governs the use, storage, and disclosure of the information gathered and shared by users. Please, make sure you read it carefully to understand the responsibilities and risks.

Using the pharmacy website is completely voluntary, therefore, by visiting our website, users need to acknowledge that they have read and accepted the Privacy Policy and the fact the website is subject to the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and other regulations. The pharmacy obtains certain non-personal information along with the Personally Identifiable Information. We reserve the right to store this information, use it in promotional and advertising properties until otherwise specified by the users. It complies with the international and local legislations and is carried out in order to provide a higher level of service to the user and to promote the business of the pharmacy as well. The pharmacy also undertakes that it will not share the personal user data to third-parties without the written consent of the user.

Here is the information the website obtains from users:     

  • Non-personal information (for example, the name of the Internet domain users use to access the site, the IP address and the IP addresses of the sites that linked you to this one; the date and time you first accessed the website; the dates and times of the subsequent visits; the type of the web browser and its version; the history of visited pages and the time spent on each of them);
  • Personally identifiable information — only those information types that are related to transactions or user behavior on the website, for example, products you saved or added to the shopping cart, location, etc. Phone, address, name and other delivery information is stored solely to the delivery purposes and in order to facilitate future orders on the website of the pharmacy.

We do not store, share or otherwise use your financial and other transactional information, protected health information or any other sensitive personal information you may share with company helpdesk consultants. As far as the financial data is concerned, the pharmacy staff has no access to it whatsoever.

The use of cookies

Cookies is the small bunches of data containing information on user’s Internet activity temporarily stored on your computer for easier Internet activity, which is tracked by providers and websites. Cookies are used to improve user experience and provide customized features to users, for example, show delivery options depending on the regions.

The information used in relation to cookies include language, operating system of the computer and/or device, IP address, browser product, plug-ins and more. Most web-browsers implement cookies and accept them automatically, but sometimes user consent is requested.

Customer protection

The pharmacy team takes all possible measures to protect the system, but cannot guarantee complete protection of information from disclosure due to the possible risks associated with the actions of third parties. Therefore, any information transferred to our website by the user is not guaranteed for be completely safe, although we strive for this goal.

Our pharmacy is an entity performing under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act concluded in 1996, which is also known under the name “HIPAA”. This act implies a number of privacy and security laws and obligations. If you have any questions regarding the HIPAA details, you may contact the pharmacy representatives or visit the official HIPAA website.

The pharmacy is not allowed to disclose your PHI (personal health information) and implement reasonable and appropriate safety standards to keep your personal health information private and confidential. We undertake the responsibility to timely inform our customers if their rights are violated by third parties, and the pharmacy becomes aware of this fact. Therefore, we alert customers according to the HIPAA guidelines about any kind of unauthorized access to the customer data.

Anti-spam policy

Our pharmacy supports the anti-spam policy. It means, the organization guarantees not using any spam methodologies and tools in order to send unwanted messages to users and/or potential buyers. All the advertising and marketing materials carrying the name of our pharmacy are sent only upon the written consent of the customers, who tick the correspondent field on the website. If you face a situation of getting emails or other pieces of information from the pharmacy without your consent, contact us immediately.

Return policy

We are doing our best to ensure your online pharmacy shopping experience is hassle-free and pleasant. Therefore, if customers are not satisfied with their purchase, they are free to return the purchased goods and get a refund in accordance with the return policy you can find below. The return policy corresponds to the Canadian Consumer Law. In case of disputes, this act is a priority. All the returns must be carried out within 7 days after the purchase, the goods must be incorrect or damaged condition, and the return is provided upon showing the receipt.

Important: as the pharmacy acts according to the interest of public health and safety, customers are not able to get a return on correct and properly sealed drugs, medications, prescription items, vitamins, and therapeutic products.

Prescription policy

The pharmacy is operating under the legislation of Canada, therefore all the prescribed (under-the-counter) drugs and medications are sold only upon confirming the prescription from the doctor. Therefore we recommend that you visit your general practitioner (GP), get a medical examination and receive a prescription to the drug you want to purchase. If you have no prescription and don’t know what is your next step, where to find a doctor or even if the drug is necessary in your case, you may consult the 24/7 helpdesk specialist on the website.


The information provided on this website, any affiliate domains and subdomains will conform to the professional pharmaceutical standards and is checked by medical consultants before going live on the website. At the same time, there is no opportunity to check the accuracy of the information to be able to guarantee that the pharmacy is responsible for it. In any particular situation of obtaining the information on this website (information about the medication, recommendation, advice or other graphic, visual, audio or textual information found here) is published in the informative purpose. Users and customers undertake the risk of following or not following the instructions for the medications listed on the pharmacy’s website. The recommendations to be followed are the instructions by the doctor on the prescription form. The pharmacy bears no responsibility for the improper use of medications caused by mistakes, typos, or the information that is no more relevant but is still published on the website.

By visiting this website and ordering the medications, you undertake that your medical condition is checked by the doctor, that your purchase corresponds the prescription of your doctor and that your bear all the risks associated with the treatment and with buying the medication from the online pharmacy. We check twice and do our best to make sure the medications are delivered on time and that the shipping conditions meet the international safety requirements, however, the pharmacy cannot be responsible for actions of third parties and subcontractors that may lead to losses of users and/or customers.

The pharmacy reserves the right to edit, moderate and change the website content in any other way in order to provide users with updated and relevant information about the products, services and company policies.