Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services from Customers

Online pharmacies have become a subject of on-going discussions. You never know when an illness knocks you over. You should be prepared for anything because complex conditions often appear in the healthiest bodies. If you or your family members and friends experience maintenance medication therapy or have to get through a tough recovery, you might know that it costs a lot.

Trust Pharmacy offers a wide range of medications provided by the renowned manufacturers and suppliers from all corners of the world. They are brand and generic pills for complex, chronic, severe, and general health conditions.

If you have questions concerning our business, this article might come in handy. For your convenience, we’ve decided to separate the regular FAQ section into several parts:

  • Quality of the Products & Certification;
  • Safety & Security;
  • Delivery & Shipping.

Quality of the Products & Certification

Why do your meds cost so cheap?

The thing is that we mostly concentrate on the sales of generic medications. They are copies of brand drugs that do not need promotion and advertising. When you don’t have to make a product popular, there’s no need to make it too expensive for the customers.

What is so special about generics?

They are medications created after the expiration of the license on the original brand product. After a widely renowned pill spends more than 15 years in the pharmaceutical market, numerous companies get the official right to reproduce the product with the same active ingredients in the base.

They do not have the right to copy the design and name it in the same way (it’s about the intellectual property). Nevertheless, they do have the right to add the necessary amount of non-active components and release the medicine in another design and color. The number of dosage options will also be increased.

Are generics legal?

Yes, they are. These meds have the same effectiveness as their original predecessors, and they have to be officially tried and tested before getting into the market. Moreover, they are created in new laboratories with the use of brand new technologies. There are very high chances for them to be more effective than the original versions. The USA government will never let us sell counterfeit medications.

What’s the difference between the generic and the original pills?

  • Color and shape can be different. The manufacturers of generic pills have no right to copy the design of the brand ones because of the intellectual property issue.
  • Dosage options might differ. The manufacturers of the alternative pills don’t have the right to copy the design and use the original name, but they have a chance to improve the effectiveness of the medication by making a wider variety of dosage options (which is very essential for PE and ED medications).
  • The price. Don’t be shocked at the low price tags because generics do not need additional promotion. They are cheap because their providers don’t need to pay money for advertising.

IMPORTANT! If you manage to find meds cheaper than ours, it’s highly probable that you deal with counterfeit products. We’ve got the lowest prices on the internet, and we know that they cannot be lower than they are now. Google for the reviews before you proceed with the order of the pills. Take care.

Why do you focus on sexual health medical drugs?

It’s one of the most disturbing issues for American men and women. The trouble is that sexual health problems are not included in the healthcare insurance list. When you understand you have problems in your intimate life, the only person you can rely on is you.

If you have sexual health problems, don’t hesitate to visit your physician, remember his recommendations, and contact our pros. We’ll help you find cheaper medication options so that you don’t drain your budget. We’ve got the cheapest meds to deal with your Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

You’ll be surprised to know that we also offer medicines for women’s sexual health. The will improve the flow of blood in the lower area of your body so that you could experience sexual excitement and incredible orgasms.

Safety & Security

Do I need a prescription to buy pills from Trust Pharmacy?

Yes, you do. The majority of the medicines presented on our website demand prescription. We deeply care about the well-being of our clients. We don’t want to hurt them. That’s the reason why we always get in touch with each of them to make sure their choice of meds is safe. Our catalog includes non-prescription options as well, but their number is insignificant.

Is my data fully protected?

Our IT specialists try hard to make sure your data is under protection. Each of our team members bears responsibility for the stealth and illegal use of your personal data. Besides, our system works in a very conspicuous way, giving no direct access to our employees. Any violation will be punished.

What about my payment information?

We carry out financial operations via strongly protected SSL protocols. Your financial data will be hidden from anyone who might have illegal access to it.

Delivery & Shipping

How do you deliver medical drugs?

Our basic delivery methods include airmail and courier delivery. Courier delivery is faster (it takes about 10 days), nevertheless, it works only on the territory of the USA. Airmail is accessible worldwide. Get in touch with our online management to make sure we deliver to your country before you proceed with the order (unfortunately, not all countries are in line with our policies).

Will the parcel be discreet?

Yes, of course. We understand that certain health issues should be hidden away from your relatives and neighbors. Your parcel will be discreetly packed so that your nearest and dearest will have no idea about what’s inside.

What should I do if I don’t get the parcel on time?

It’s a great disappointment, but sometimes, things like these happen. We strongly encourage our customers to notify us whenever they feel suspicious about the delivery of the parcel. We’ll deal with the issue ASAP and return the money. We’re also ready to resend the products. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our management if something’s wrong with your order.