The Partners To Our Alliance Who Help Us Make The Change Happen




VEGA was formed to be a fast and effective way to get programs into the field. Learn more about our unique LWA Mechanism

Deep Knowledge of USAID Objectives

We share USAID’s interests in local capacity development because we believe that empowering local people in emerging markets with new skills is the best way to create sustainable change. We work with local overseas partner organizations to build their own capacities to create a multiplier effect, create jobs, and develop economies.

Our members also contribute to USAID’s global initiatives including Feed the Future, Powering Africa, Scaling Innovations, and Global Climate Change. Our program area highlights encompass the best of USAID’s cross-cutting initiatives and economic growth programs. While our members all contribute to economic growth, we are also able to incorporate their other areas of expertise, such as health or education, into programs.

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An Alliance Achieves Greater Success

VEGA Members often partner to meet a program’s demands, each one contributing their capabilities to the project. This is what sets VEGA apart from a single organization partner. By partnering with us, USAID gains access to new and unique combinations of member organizations working together toward the same goal. The breadth of our members’ expertise allows VEGA LWA programs to easily integrate projects across sectors and avoid stove-piped programming.

Resource Partners

VEGA Resource Partners are private firms, universities, and non-government organizations that provide specialized skill sets or technologies to the Alliance initiatives and programs.

  1. Provide quality monitoring and evaluation services to VEGA Programs
  2. Serve as a sub-implementer on VEGA Programs
  3. Network with VEGA Members
  4. Participate in VEGA events
  5. Enrich VEGA’s knowledge management initiatives
  6. Lead workshops for the VEGA community on a variety of themes and topics

Claro KC

Claro KC offers training and technical assistance in support of acquisition and assistance (A&A) activities and implementation strategies, project management, decision-making, conflict transformation, and wise use of resources to organizations for effective coordination and execution of international development programs. Training, technical assistance approaches, methodology, and strategies are designed and implemented by a knowledgeable and experienced team.

Dexis Consulting Group

Dexis provides U.S. government agencies, missions, and multilateral clients with rigorous learning and performance management solutions that address economic growth, trade, governance, and democracy challenges. Dexis’ expertise reaches beyond prevailing practices to provide tailored services across the program cycle. Dexis supports foreign policy and foreign assistance initiatives through three lines of service that include learning and development, monitoring and evaluation, and program management and support.

International Business and Technical Consultants

International Business & Technical Consultants, Inc. (IBTCI) is an international development consulting company providing high quality Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL), Capacity Building & Training, and Knowledge Management, Communications & Outreach Services. IBTCI’s work has included training and close work with NGOs, cooperatives and other organizations involving volunteerism in international development, and exchange. IBTCI has implemented more than 275 projects and has worked with over 100 countries. IBTCI serves government agencies, private sector companies and several donor agencies. IBTCI has worked with several international donors including USAID, IDB, MCC, UNWFP, US DoS, WB, and others. Headquartered in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, IBTCI has a range of project offices in Africa, Central America, Asia, Europe, Near East, and the Caribbean. IBTCI works across many sectors, including but not limited to, conflict and crisis, democracy and governance, agriculture and food security, economic growth, education, environment, and global health. To help sustain reform initiatives, IBTCI emphasizes the transference of knowledge to client counterparts. We recognize the importance of sustainable development to the greatest extent possible.

The QED Group, LLC

QED is a full-service international consulting firm committed to solving complex global challenges through innovative solutions. Since its founding in 1998, QED has worked with a variety of U.S. agencies, international donors, private firms, and nongovernmental organizations in more than 90 countries.

Social Impact

Social Impact provides a full range of innovative management consulting, technical assistance and training services to strengthen international development programs, organizations and policies. SI works across sectors to reduce poverty; improve health, education and the lives of women and children; promote peace and democratic governance; strengthen civil society; foster economic growth; and protect the environment. Its mission is to create dramatic improvements in the performance of organizations and programs working to enhance the social and economic well-being of people around the world.