The Managing Team Dedicated To Helping The Company Evolve

Get Acquainted with Our Executive Team

Peter Jackson, Trust Pharmacy CEO

Peter Jackson was the first person who initiated the launch of our reliable Canadian pharmacy in 2003. He has had previously a vast experience in running companies in the healthcare market and then decided to opt for pharmaceutical care. Along with professional consulting services, he took part in a wide range of volunteering projects dedicated to providing people with low paying capacities and from rural regions with access to approved and qualitative medications. Since those times, he efficiently works in assisting the world’s economic growth in the healthcare field.

 In 2018, he developed vast opportunities for partnership and launched programs to speak widely about the necessity of helpful remedies. As of now, Trust Pharmacy is a trustful partner of many workshops, retailers, and is a place of happy people where only the experts deal with the distribution of medicines. The company has over 300K customers from Canada, the US, and countries of the Asian continent along with Europe. Together with the consultation on drugs and their sale, his team works on coping with all the clients’ inquiries, thus it belongs to the representatives of top-notch customer support. There are more than 200 physicians, 300 dedicated experts, and 150 administrative employees.

Michael Stevenson, Director of Partnership Programs

Michael Stevenson is our international development expert with more than 20 years of technical experience in the healthcare market. He managed a few projects dedicated to launching partnership programs that possessed the budgets of over $2 million. He has a professional approach in selecting the partners and recruiting the consultants. Besides, he is not the last person who overviews the staff of the pharmacy. Before employing the team, and choosing the partners, he evaluates their dedication to the pharmaceutical industry and makes sure they may deal with any related issues.

Previously, he spent a few years in Africa promoting the opportunities of the development of designated remedies and came up with the explicit database of reliable partners who support Trust Pharmacy now as well. From 2016, he is the first person you will come across if thinking to collaborate with us. Feel free to contact him and discuss any details in person.

Juemei Le, Managing Director of Finance and Administration

Juemei Le can boast more than 15 years of experience in accounting management in Chinese and Japanese markets. She contributed to expanding the number of headquarters of the main Asian pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, during the last decade, she traveled to Africa and discovered the ways on how to enhance the financing dedicated to drug accessibility within the economically disadvantaged people. MBA in Business management, and various certificates of accomplishing finance courses and training. In Trust Pharmacy, she supervises the prices on drugs and makes sure they correspond to the quality and monetary instructions from the manufacturer.

Sumit Patal, Farmer-to-Farmer Intern

Sumit recently graduated from the American University where he obtained a degree in Economics. His experience in the pharmaceutical sphere started only a few years ago but he keeps on proving that constant mastering of theory and practice may yield the fruits. Prior to working with Trust Pharmacy, he worked in a business development company that dealt with the evaluation of the strategies of enlarging the assets. As of now, he copes with the tasks dedicated to the economical aspect of our services, and his main area of interest is the loyalty program and bonuses any client may get with us. If you see tantalizing promotions, know it is a smart solution from our Sumit.

Mary Broom, The Senior Pharmacist

Mary is our hidden gem that helps to manage all the concerns regarding the remedies. If a person hesitates about the relevancy of their descriptions, he may sight with a relief. She spent more than 20 years mastering the pharmaceutical profession. So, for her to tell the difference between generics and brand medications along with their non-obvious benefits is a tongue twister. Mary has a Masters degree in Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technologies, and a Doctor’s degree in Pharmaceutical engineering. Now, she monitors and controls all the drug distributions as well as the efficiency of team members’ consultations.