Effectively Delivering Broad-Based Economic Development Programs

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How Can the VEGA LWA Mechanism Help Your Mission?

Do you need to start a program before an impending deadline? Do you need to utilize funds before they run out? Contact VEGA today to begin its fast USAID procurement process and you can start a program in an average of 75 days. We are still accepting inquiries to start programs before June 11, 2014.

We can still help USAID Missions design a program.

VEGA's LWA is not like other LWA's. When choosing to use the VEGA LWA mechanism you can expect the following benefits: 

  • Fast - 30-day turnaround from receipt of RFA
  • Unique - It is the only USAID mechanism with a competitive internal procurement process among VEGA Member organizations. 
  • Flexible - It is an administratively easy mechanism that is highly responsive to Mission needs and there is no award ceiling
  • Cost-Effective - VEGA's low overhead and use of highly skilled volunteers stretch the USAID dollar 
  • Responsive - VEGA's proposal development process is highly interactive & responsive to Mission directives. USAID representatives are encouraged to participate in proposal reviews.
  • Top Notch Roster of Member NGO's - VEGA Members have over four decades of experience in 140 countries across the broad spectrum of E3 and BFS requirements
  • Long-term – Programs awarded under the VEGA LWA can continue for 5 years beyond the 2014 LWA end-date.

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What Member Organizations Can You Access Through VEGA?

VEGA brings together a mix of organizations with decades of experience implementing economic development programs globally. VEGA’s Members focus on building capacity of local public/private sector entities and civil society in full accordance with USAID Forward objectives.

Aid to Artisans / Creative Learning
CDC Development Solutions
Coffee Quality Institute
CRDF Global
CUSO International
Florida Association for Volunteer
Action in the Caribbean and the
Americas, Inc. (FAVACA)
Global Business School Network (GBSN)
IIE/Emerging Markets Development
Advisers Program (EMDAP)
International Senior Lawyers Project
International Real Property Foundation
Land O’Lakes International Development
NCBA-CLUSA International
Partners of the Americas
SAVE Travel Alliance
Winrock International

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What Types Of Programs Does VEGA Implement?

VEGA is exceptionally well-suited to carry out broad economic growth programs ranging from Enterprise Development, Microfinance, Food Security, Trade & Investment, Economic Governance, Tourism Development, Gender, Energy and Environment, Financial Services, Youth and Workforce, Science & Technology, Value Chains, and Public-Private Alliances, and more.  VEGA's strategic mix of long-term professional staff located in-country and the integration of highly-skilled volunteers alongside expert consultants, provides sustainable, cost-effective economic growth programming.

Who are VEGA Volunteers?

  • Expertise: VEGA volunteers are often life-long professionals in the fields in which they are providing technical training, enabling them to achieve instant professional rapport with their client;
  • Commitment: Not only are these volunteers strongly committed to their work, but they frequently remain in contact with their host country client long after individual assignments are completed and continue to conduct support activities back in the U.S.;
  • Flexibility: Experienced volunteers can be deployed quickly and respond to clients' needs immediately;
  • Experience: VEGA optimizes program impact by utilizing both experienced repeat volunteers and the fresh, up-to-date knowledge of qualified first-timers.
  • Diaspora: VEGA also has experience mobilizing Diaspora communities to accelerate economic progress in their homelands.

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Where Does VEGA Work?

The VEGA LWA is a global mechanism. VEGA’s members have been active in over 140 countries with thousands of development programs. Programs have been implemented directly through the VEGA LWA in 32 countries:

Sierra Leone
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Timor Leste
United States
West Africa

The VEGA LWA Process

Although VEGA's second LWA award time period has expired, we have received a 120 day extension to accept programs until June 11, 2014.

If you are interested in working with VEGA as part of an LWA, please email Michael Deal as soon as possible. VEGA LWA's are enacted through five steps:

  1. The Technical Office submits a Program Description (Scope of Work) to the VEGA Agreement Officer's Representative (AOR). The AOR confirms that the work is consistent with the Leader Agreement and approves the Program Description or sends it back for revisions.
  2. Once approved, the Contracting Officer for the Mission issues a request for proposal to VEGA.
  3. VEGA undertakes an internal competition among the consortium members to find the best candidates and most qualified implementing organizations. The Mission may participate in this selection process, if desired, by appointing a mission staff person to serve on the selection panel.
  4. VEGA submits the Technical and Cost proposal to the Mission.
  5. Mission review and approval leads to an Associate Award, Cooperative Agreement in which a mission staff person is designated as the AOTR for the activity.

To take advantage of these and other benefits to the VEGA LWA, please contact VEGA AOTR Kristin O'Planick, koplanick@usaid.gov.

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